Auld Lang Syne 2016

Here at RRG MTB 100 HQ we’re probably going to go radio silent through the holidays.  Rest assured that we’re still working diligently to put on a quality event and provide an excellent experience for all of you crazy mountain bikers out there.  I already have plans to ride some of the course between Christmas and New Year’s and my nine-year old daughter has asked if we can do some trail work over the break.  How can I say no?  We’ll be turning dirt to make your course amazing.

While we’re incommunicado I want to put something out for you to chew on.  This first year we will likely have to limit the field.  Until we’ve had a shakedown run of this race I don’t want to open it up to unlimited numbers of people.  We might get overwhelmed and I want to put on a quality event.  I want my racers to be safe, have a great time, and have a desire to return.   I promise after the first year we’ll broaden the field each year at a reasonable rate.  My inclination is that instead of a lottery or some other kind of jiggery-pokery I will announce the opening of registration well in advance along with how many we’re going to cap the race at. Once registration opens it will be first come first serve.  But I promise there will be no surprises or other trickery.  I’ll make sure everyone has a fair chance at getting in.  I’ll be working on registration early in 2017 and want to open it up as soon as possible so folks can be planning their season.

The other thing I want to throw out is the idea of a shorter distance option.  Again, because we’re starting a new race and this course and area are untested I am not inclined to include a shorter version this year.  Due to the 100 mile configuration and the lay of the land adding a shorter version is going to essentially be like putting on two races in the same day.  I know this is disheartening for those who don’t think they’ll have enough time to train for a hundred mile mountain bike race, and I came empathize, but to put on a really great race I don’t want to risk over-committing and causing the entire event to suffer.

That said, I think I have an option and I’ll be offering more details after the first of the year.  It’ll be a little unique and a lot of fun.  Stayed tuned!

With all that said all I need to do now is wish you all a Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Happy Hanukkah, Super Kwanza, and good riding!


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