Not Much of an Update…


While the following post won’t offer you much new information please be assured that we’re working toward putting on a great race for you!

We’ve secured a venue for the packet pickup, start/finish, and awards. We’re really excited about this and should have an announcement shortly on that.

I’ll put out a listing for area lodging options this week. We’re firm on the date of September 30, 2017 and our venue is going to be near Nada Tunnel, so the Slade area will be a good place to look for lodging in the interim. We’re trying to keep all of our operations in a condensed area to facilitate better communication and coordination during the race.

Also we want all of our racers, family/crews, and volunteers to have a good time and not have to run all over the place trying to figure out where they need to be or find each other.

The course is muddy and sloppy right now. We’ve been getting the typical winter rains and are deep into the Season of Mud here in the Gorge. I’ll keep you updated on the course and conditions and hopefully there’ll be some good riding weather before spring for people to start getting out and scouting the course.

I’ll also be announcing some upcoming trail days for the singletrack in Bald Rock. I was there this past weekend and the trails are in great shape. With the recent winds there are a lot of small branches and its possible bigger things (like whole trees) can still come down. This combination of wet ground and strong winds tends to topple even healthy trees.

If you’re in Bald Rock and come across something that needs to be cut email me at . I’m also going to try to mark the course through Bald Rock this winter so you can familiarize yourself with the configuration. It won’t be intuitive, but it will be well marked.


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