Partners Update

We have secured a venue for the race! 4 Guys RV Park will be our start/finish/awards area and our base of operations on race day. 4 Guys are locals. We’ve known them for a long time and are proud to call them our first official partner of the race.

You can start booking with them now for race weekend. They offer (obviously) RV camping with full hookups and they also provide primitive tent camping with access to a bathhouse, cabin rentals, playground, pool, wi-fi, and a great atmosphere! If you stay with 4 Guys you will be on site for the start and finish and after-race festivities. They are also centrally located to the Gorge area if you want to spend an extra day or two pre-riding the course, hiking, or just checking things out.

Another important and long standing partner is Red River Outdoors. Craig and Wendy Bentley provide an array of services from lodging, to guided rock climbing, to yoga and acupuncture with Natural Bridge Acupuncture. They have cabins that are a little more removed from the hustle and bustle of Slade and the Gorge. Again, they are centrally located and offer a lot of different services and activities while you’re not out racing around the Gorge. They’re strongly supportive of our efforts to bring mountain biking to the area so please consider staying with them and letting them provide a really great experience while you’re in the area.

And while we don’t have an official business partnership with Next Opportunity Events I would encourage you to support them if you are looking to participate in great trail running races in the Cave Run/Morehead and Red River Gorge area. This year they’re offering four races of varying distances: The Big Turtle 50 Miler, the Hot, Hot Hundred, the Reaper 30k, and the Rough Trail Ultramarathon.

Finally, if you’re interested in, supportive of, or have been dreaming mountain biking would come to the RRG for as long as I have (a long time) then please follow the Cave Run – Red River Gorge Mountain Bike Alliance on Facebook and watch for the official roll out in the near future. The Alliance needs all the support we can get!

More updates will come as we bring on new partners and sponsors. The course is basically finalized but at this time conditions are absolutely wretched. We’ve been getting moderate but almost daily rain. Some of the normally drivable and ridable roads are just rivers of mud with the consistency of peanut butter. As conditions improve we’ll update and start sharing the course to a wider audience.


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